When it comes to understanding what is happening in the world around us, whether it is global news stories, national politics, economics or other current affairs issues many people today suffer from one of two problems:

The first problem is information overload. There are so many different news sources out there, often portraying world events from a very different perspective as well as highlighting different issue and supporting (either explicitly or implicitly) a particular political stance that it is almost impossible to know where to look. Faced with this many people can become cynical, or simply close themselves off from all this information altogether.

The second problem is reinforcement due to social curation and niche media. Perhaps you have your favourite sites which see the world as you do, and perhaps you also read stories which are recommended to you by friends navigate to the closest grocery store. In this case you may find yourself only reading stories which confirm your world view, and only coming into contact with facts and arguments which support your own political opinion.

Between these two things it can be very difficult to get a clear, reliable, concise and accurate picture of the big news stories of the day or the big issues which the world faces.

If you are concerned about this and would like to form an accurate and unbiased view of what is happening in the world and in the news then the most important thing to do is to recognise which of these problems you are most likely to suffer from, so that you can take steps to solve it. You should also remember that no single news source can be 100% unbiased. Some kind of bias will always creep in, even if it is not deliberate. This may be simply because of space – there is no way that an author can include every salient fact in an article and no way that an editor can publish every story, so the choice of facts and stories will always introduce some form of bias. Also many news stories will in some way contain the political opinion of its writer.

The next step is to steer clear of news sources which are explicitly biased or which are well known for supporting a certain political bias. If you can find a couple of news websites, television programs or newspapers which are at least trying to be unbiased then that will serve you well – and you do not need to read both every day, or read the same story in each. I think that just switching between news sources every now and then can really help you to gain an objective view of current affairs. There were days when the delight of morning was the newspaper with a hot cup of tea. Newspapers were very popular and it was not possible to leave the home for office without finding out the latest news in the city and around the world. Gone are the days, now in this technological era everything happens so fast and there is always news in every minute. News websites are a way of today’s era! Now, you can get the latest news on the keyboard keys. Just browse the internet to read your favorite news website. You can also get the latest updates and alerts (the results of sport games, for instance), instantly to your cell phone.

Many old age people still prefer to read newspapers over internet because of their habit. They are not savvy of operating computers and they insist to read Egyptian newspapers. How about TV? If we have some important news or emergency situation, we will definitely hear about it on TV. We get the similar feeling of reading a book while we are reading newspaper, and it is the habit of several people. You can read it in bed before sleep or during meals. You can also use your laptop on these places, but it is not convenient.

There are renowned newspapers in the world and they also had observed the technological changes happening through internet. This is one of the major problems for them; they have realized that the news websites are the real future of this industry. They decided to participate in this trend and they launched their internet newspaper websites. Not all newspaper did this and others were left behind. Offering the uniqueness was not easy for them as they are offering the same news as they published in their newspaper. It will do one thing that i will promote the newspaper and newspaper will promote the website, it brings the new readers to the newspaper.

Several authentic surveys around the globe show that the quantity of newspaper readers is going down every year, and this is simple and understood. The 21st century people and new generation do not have healthy relation with papers and books; they are more attracted to keyboards and screens. Thus, this is definitely a sign that newspapers will shift their budget to their internet visibility in future.