The attic access door is, typically, one of the largest sources of air leakage from your living space into your attic. The US Department of Energy states, on its website, that a gap as small as ¼ inch around your pull-down attic stairs can leak as much air as is supplied by a regular bedroom air duct. Air sealing and insulating this leak is essential to improving your home’s energy efficiency. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy solution to sealing this problem area around the attic hatch while maintaining easy access to Dryer Vent Cleaning Aurora your attic. The Attic Tent® is the solution you have been looking for. It will seal and help insulate this vulnerable point in your home’s defense against budget-breaking energy loss. It is simple to Furnace Cleaning Aurora install, requiring perhaps half an hour, and will dramatically reduce energy loss – favorably impacting your energy budget.

The patented Attic Tent® is made of space-age materials bonded to micro-fiber urethane insulation – so it is light, thin and effective. The Attic Tent® uses heavy-duty zippers that will not corrode insuring easy access for years to come. This product will keep your valuable heated and cooled air in your living space where you want it. But as an added benefit, the Attic Tent® also helps keep your house clean and improves your indoor air quality by keeping attic dust, and your insulation, in the attic where they belong – not on your floors or in your air. After all, who wants extra fiberglass, and pollutants coming in from your attic through that giant crack 24 hours a day.

What To Know About Having Your Home's Air Duct Cleaning ?

If you really want to see how much air is leaking around your attic access door, all you need to do is get out your smoke pen and run it around the perimeter of your access hatch. Watching the smoke vanish through the crack as fast as the pen makes it will show you why this is considered one of the single largest holes in a typical house.

Installation is very simple and only requires a carpenter’s staple gun to tack the tent down, but for a tighter seal you can follow this up with a bead of gun foam around the outside edge to make the most air-tight seal possible. This is about a fifteen-minute project. With a good bead of gun foam around your Attic Tent®, try the smoke pen test again and see how the smoke now has no ready-made escape route. That’s one less place for your energy budget to trickle away.

Since not all hatches are the same size and some stairs are longer than others, Attic Tent® comes in a variety of sizes to fit your need. There are other options for covering your attic hatch, but this is the only one that has been air-seal tested, and that is important. The air leakage around your attic stairs is just as important to fix as the problem of having a big uninsulated rectangle in the middle of your ceiling. Both blower door and infrared tests have shown how effective the Attic Tent® is. And this same product will work just as easily to air seal your knee wall doors.

This is not just a foam bucket that can’t be sealed down and will break the first time you toss it aside too roughly or step on it. The zipper means easy access and equally easy resealing when you are finished – no trying to juggle an unwieldy loose cover into place. Who wants to struggle with that every time you have to go up there for the Christmas ornaments or a service tech has to work on your A/C? Just zip and go.By anderson