Criminals are the same everywhere whether in real life or online. The biggest threat that you face online is related to banking transactions. You are under threat from hackers and your banking details can be compromised without you knowing about it. Recently, there has been a banking Trojan or the Qbat Trojan that has infected many systems and sniffed thousands of online banking transactions. In order to get past it all you need to be aware about it and understand the dangers of banking Trojan.

Initially, you need to do the best that you can to avoid anything that would lead you to fall victim to a Trojan. The first thing that you should do is employ a password manager that will help you secure your passwords and even generate strong passwords scraping google. Another thing would be using the two-factor authentication that is most of the time overlooked but is essential. Remember to utilize the VPN option for better protection. A powerful security suite goes a long way that provides overall protection.

The way a banking Trojan works is by stealing your login credentials related to your bank account. At times like these even your security suite seems to be rendered useless. However, there is still a way to get past it, you can utilize virtual keyboard that will help you foil such attempt. Software like Panda, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky give you virtual keyboard that will help you avoid any threat related to screen-scraping malware.

Another thing to notice is that if your browser is compromised or infected by Trojan then even using a virtual keyboard would be useless. Your password will still be captured; here it becomes essential to ensure that even if someone gets their hand on your password it would still be useless. This is where you require to enable the two-step authentication. You can also utilize Google Authenticator that sends code to your mobile number that will help foil any attempts to break-in to your account.

A few of years ago I spoke to the owner of an evolutionist website who informed me that he no longer bothered updating it because the war against Genesis and creationism had been well and truly won. At the same time Richard Dawkins had written so many books that they occupied one whole shelf at my local Waterstones bookshop. And also at the same time, the Human Genome Project was getting underway, and the evolutionary clamour was growing ever louder as they prepared to charge into their final battle of Armageddon, eager to crush creationism once and for all. Charge!!!…

As a result, we can announce today that Macro-evolution, personified here for fun as Big Mac, the driving force of Darwinism, has passed quietly away, having been made redundant and irrelevant. Although Big Mac had been a powerful evolutionary force for more than a century, helping make evolution ‘the most seductive theory in all science’, he has become superfluous, as will be made clear below.

Such was the pervasive influence of Big Mac and his mentor, that scientist all over the world, were required to pledge allegiance to evolution in order to get and hold a good job or obtain a research grant. Raise your right and swear on this sacred copy of The Origin of Species that you will extoll the genius of the Great Lord Darwin in all books and research papers. I do, I do. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

However, following Mac’s demise, a growing number of scientists are now coming out of the woodwork, admitting that they never actually encountered any real evidence of his existence. So Mac appears to have been a fictional entity, a cartoon character popular with the BBC, but in reality just some kind of mass hallucination.

So what really happened? Quite simply the world just accepted, as an article of faith, Darwin’s claim that the earth’s present flora and fauna somehow ‘evolved’ from the bizarre and now-extinct organisms whose fossils are found in the ancient palaeozoic and mesozoic rock strata, evidence of a previous prehistoric age when the world was a very different place to what it is now. At the extreme it was believed that every organism on earth had a lineage back to a ‘common ancestor’ in that ancient pool of slime. Computer programmes were then developed to compare the structures of all organism, from the most simple to the most complex, and shuffle and sequence them (assuming evolution to be true) to form a notional ‘tree of life’, the technique of ‘cladistics’. e.g. your cat Tiddles and my dog Ollie both have four legs, and so must have evolved from a ‘common ancestor’, along with cows and horses, mice, etc.