Every online poker room offer bonuses that are anything from a $100 up to $600 with a 100% match bonuses. All you have to do is open an account at any good poker site and deposit your money, that’s the easy part, but what’s the best way to clear your bonus? How do you set about the task of moving all that extra cash from the bonus account into your real money bankroll?

When you’ve selected the poker site that best suits your playing requirements carefully read through the terms & conditions on how your bonus is earned  Poker88. You may be attracted to the poker site with the highest bonus. This is not a bad thing but do check for things like, how long you have before the bonus expires, is it released in increments and how many player points you need for the bonus to be released.

I would say the most important factor is player point. Each poker room has its own name and variation on player points but they are all basically the same. Earning player points is the key to releasing your bonus. Firstly find out how they’re awarded its normally by raked hands played. So any hand in which you contribute to the pot and the pot is raked you will earn player points. Secondly see how many player points are award to the players in the pot. It’s usually 1 point divided among those players.

Now, most poker sites allow you to clear your bonus by playing in tournaments. These sites calculate bonus clearing by awarding player points for the buy-in you pay to enter the tournament, so both cash games and tournaments count towards the total. It’s still worth your while to check if your preferred poker site awards player points for tournaments but its worth pointing out it can be a hard slog clearing your bonus by only playing tournaments especially at low buy-in tournaments. It’s best to mix your games by playing both cash and tournaments.