The 81st Academy Award Ceremony in Los Angeles was the usual parade of beautiful gowns, dresses and accessories worn on the red carpet. And let’s be honest, there are many of us who watch the Oscars just to see the jewellery and fashions on display. Because an outfit worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie or Kate Winslet is likely to inspire new fashions and trends across the world!

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So what do this year’s Oscars tell us about what’s hot in jewellery buy gold in abu dhabi? Here are five key jewellery trends for 2009 that emerge from the Oscars red carpet.

1. The overall tone was one of understated elegance, as if flashy bling isn’t always appropriate for these tough times. There were exceptions, but discreet chic remains the buzzword for 2009, and not in-your-face loud.

2. Simple outfits were popular at the Oscars, with white and cream (or ‘barely mint’ in the case of Sarah Jessica Parker) predominating. But with such a simple colour palette, many chose to accessorise with a splash of colour. For example, Angelina Jolie chose striking green dangling earrings to go with her elegant black Elie Saab gown. In fact, one commentator described her earrings as the most interesting part of her outfit. Using dashes of colour to liven up everyday outfits is one of the great jewellery trends of the season, as it’s an affordable way of reviving an old outfit.

3. Statement jewellery is still one of the most important jewellery trends for this season. Just check out the number of celebrities wearing Fred Leighton statement pieces. Big flower bracelets, chunky beads and big base metal are all great new statement ideas for 2009.

4. Drop or dangling earrings remain a big hit. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actress Freida Pinto wore pretty drop earrings, as did Angeline Jolie (see above). Heidi Klum opted for oversized chandelier earrings, proving that these will remain on-trend in 2009. To be sure, shoulder-scrapers aren’t very practical, but smaller, easier-to-wear versions will continue to be really popular this year. For those who aren’t sure about chandelier earrings, don’t fear, as simpler dangling earrings are also hot this season.

5. Charm bracelets were worn by quite a few on the red carpet, including Heidi Klum, who sported a whole stack of silver charm bracelets. The stack of charms, watches and chains shows a revival of that famous eighties Madonna look, which is set to be big again in 2009. But as Heidi Klum shows, you can still look dainty and feminine with your stack of charms and keep in with one of the year’s hottest jewellery trends.

Every bride wants to look stunning and beautiful on her special day. Once the gown has been chosen, the next important part of the outfit will be the jewellery, and it may be harder to choose that than it was to choose the dress.

The colour of the gown will influence the type of jewellery to choose. Bridal gowns can, of course, be made in any colour the bride chooses but, traditionally, they will either be white or ivory. Both these look lovely with most styles of bridal jewellery, but to really enhance them, jewellery ideally needs to be subtle and fairly understated. With that in mind, there is still a vast array to choose from.

Pearls look stunning against silk and lace, and almost become part of the fabric. If they have been used in the making up of the dress, then ideally they should be worn as pieces of jewellery, too.

Diamonds look wonderful, especially in the form of a matching set of necklace, bracelet and delicate drop-earrings; with a simple dress, diamonds can add a striking note.