The only difference between an APAP machine and a CPAP machine is the method of introducing the pressurized air. In a CPAP machine, the air is applied at a constant pressure, where an APAP machine goes through titrations to discern the optimal pressure for the patient, constantly making adjustments based on the data that is being collected through various sensors monitoring the patient.One of the most common styles of delivery of the pressurized air is the face masks bipap machine. These masks can cover only the nose or both the mouth and nose. The face mask is usually triangular in shape, with straps attached at various points to allow for the most effective sealing against the face.

When undergoing treatment for sleep apnea using an APAP machine, one of the most important components of the treatment is the interface through which the pressurized air is delivered. Without a mask or other form of delivery, there would be no way to get the pressurized air to effectively keep the airway open.

Choosing the right mask or other apparatus for you is tantamount to a successful treatment of the disorder. There are many different styles of interfaces used to deliver the pressurized air to the patient, and which one suits you best is for you to determine. Because APAP machines are similar in purpose to a CPAP or BiPAP machine, masks that are sold as CPAP and BiPAP masks are usually compatible with an APAP machine.

People who tend to open their mouths or breathe through their mouths when sleeping may wish to get a face mask that covers both the mouth and the nose to ensure that pressure is maintained. This can also be achieved by using a mask that covers only the nose while providing a strap that goes under the chin and keeps the mouth from opening when the muscles of the face relax during sleep.Another method of delivering the pressurized air is through an interface known as nasal pillows. Nasal pillows are an excellent alternative to a face mask if the patient finds the mask claustrophobic, or if the patient has trouble creating a good seal due to a beard or mustache.