We have all seen little girls who have a newborn baby doll, and they wrap it up in a blanket like it is a real live baby. They cuddle it, rock it and pretend to feed it らぶどーる. It seems to be a genetic part of who girls are. They love to nurture and take care of their newborn baby dolls without even realizing that it might be preparing them for motherhood later in life. These dolls represent a huge part of being a little girl.

Today, these infant baby dolls come in all colors, races and sizes. There are hundreds of accessories available from high chairs to baby bottles to clothing to strollers to pacifiers. In fact, little girls are able to completely immerse themselves in becoming a mommy to their lovely little dolls.

When you purchase a doll, your little girl is going to want some accessories to go with it. After all, you cannot be a mommy without a stroller, baby crib, changing table and diaper bag, can you? There are all sorts of options available from specialized clothing to pretend bottles to play food. All of these items create a whole world that the little girl can really get into and play the pretend mommy.

The newborn baby dolls of today might even cry, wet a diaper or eat. Technology is pretty advanced these days, so designers have made these baby dolls are realistic as possible. You can also buy these dolls in a variety of different price ranges. There are your regular baby dolls at the store that are less than $30, however there is also a whole other side to the newborn baby doll business.

For instance, there are some higher end dolls that look very realistic. These generally sell for $60-150 a piece. They might even fool you into thinking they are real babies! There are also dolls called “reborn” that are created by doll artists who do absolutely amazing work. These dolls are painted a particular way and have certain features that make them appear completely real. There are women who carry them around as if they are actual babies. In fact, these dolls are weighted to feel like a true baby! Some women collect these dolls and crate actual nurseries around them. They dress them, rock them and stroll them around town as if they are alive. This has actually become a bit of a controversy in that some people feel that is way over the top.