After you decide on what you want to sell on the internet (products, or service) you will need to get a domain name. This can be done at various online companies like GoDaddy email login,, etc. is probably a good place to start. As you think of names, you just type it in a box on the home page and GoDaddy will tell you if that name has been taken or not anywhere on the internet. Purchasing a domain name is easy and can be purchased for as low as $1.99 up to $10.00.

The next step is to find someone to host your website. Again, places like GoDaddy have hosting plans for under $10 a month. is another really good hosting company, and is used by several “heavy hitter”, guru types, of internet marketing. If you have several websites, the discounts can go deeper.

Once you have squared away these steps, then you can proceed onto creating your website. There are easy to create companies that provide templates. All you have to do it fill in the information, and press the “GO” button. If you don’t like any of the templates you have found, then you can create your own website, or better yet find someone who knows how to put up a website for you. You will have to pay for their services, but it will be well worth it, if you are not familiar with web page building.

Now that you have your website done, you may need to “tweak” the content of it so that it is optimized for search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimized. You want your website to be found. Or another way to put this is, you want to “drive traffic to your website.” If you paid someone to create and write the content of your website for you, it should be SEO ready. If not, make sure to ask your designer to make it so.

Hosting is one of those products where you have thousands of options, and you never know which to choose. I struck it lucky though when I found iPage and I’ve stuck with it ever since because it’s simply the best value around. iPage offers a variety of web hosting that allows you to create your own website with ease, and customize it as much as you’d like, and their support is tough to beat. Price: $3.50

When I started my first website for my new business, I was nearly new to the web, and iPage’s easy site builder served me amicably in getting my site to look good quickly. Fifteen years later, I’ve advanced, and iPage has scaled nicely with me, which is impressive for such a cheap web host.

They have the best hosting support I’ve tried (I use three different hosts for different things, but iPage takes the cake), and their hosting is often more reliable than my other main host, Godaddy. I don’t take spending money lightly, but thankfully iPage offers a money-back guarantee (which I have never had to use) so I never even hesitated in trying them. iPage’s support, reliability, and ease-of-use make them one of the best web hosts out there for small businesses, and I’ve never looked back since I started hosting with them.