So, you want to earn an income from blogging. Everybody knows that there are thousands of ways that supposedly make you money on the internet while you work at home Sherry Dyson. While it is true that some of these ways can earn you some extra cash, none of them are easier, quicker and more fun than blogging.

You might know how to write a productive blog, or you might not. There is good news for newbies, because you can learn to become a productive blogger in no time. The bad news is that you probably don’t know how to get visitors to your blog, so that you can earn good income from blogging. Do you promote affiliate products? Do you use Google AdSense on the side of your blog? There are countless other questions and they are enough to drive even the most seasoned blog veteran crazy.

Putting Google AdSense on your blog is a good way to generate income. You put relevant ads on your blog and the more visitors you get to your blog, the more income you will get from people clicking on those ads. The bad thing about using Google AdSense on your blog is that it might take quite a while before you are able to see any real profits.

Another way to generate income from blogging is to advertise affiliate products. Writing reviews of products that you have tried and found useful is a great way to make income. Try an affiliate product out, and write your own review of it. If you write good enough, some of your readers will be more than willing to try the product that you promote. After all, your readers are at your blog to read your opinion, right?