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Working issues: If your email settings are not working, it means one thing – your email settings are outdated. Most devices are already using the Gmail service, which means that all your previous email settings will be imported into the new email settings. If you want your Google account to work on your mobile then you need to update your google email settings so as to provide all the information required by your subscribers.

Workarounds for non-working issues: This is yet another very common problem that most users are facing with the use of Google mail. Many are still unaware that by clicking on the ‘Back’ button on their devices they are able to enter the backup link that is provided in their email box. By clicking on this link they can restore their email settings, passwords and contacts to the current state. This is one of the easiest but effective methods of getting back to work in case of non-working Google email services.

No Follows And Trashes: Just like most other IMAP accounts, if you are signed up with a Google account, you will definitely receive a notice that you are not allowed to create or change any of the following information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Home Address, Social Security Number and so forth. If you receive this notice from your Google imap account, don’t panic. The reason behind this measure is purely ‘personal,’ and cannot be changed at any instance. To get around the issue, you can either create your own unique user name or set the account to follow a different address. This way you won’t have to worry about following details in the incorrect manner.

Incorrect Settings: Most of the time you would be receiving an email with subject ‘from sender’ or with nothing at all except a working attachment. What do you think might happen? You better believe that Google is going to deem this as spam and your whole email message will be sent as spam, along with all the important details contained therein. In such cases, you will receive an error message asking you to validate your email address. To avoid being sent to this page, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions mentioned in the link given below.

There are so many other reasons why Google is unable to send emails to certain people. This is the same reason why your desktop email program is unable to send emails on behalf of other people. If your desktop email program cannot connect to the email server, then it follows that no one else can either. So what are you waiting for, just change your settings to the one mentioned above and your email will be delivered to the user right away!