I think the universe has been sending me a message lately GoDaddy email login. Within the past few days, I’ve recently received three marketing emails from small businesses who have either just added me to their list or have just recently started some sort of email marketing campaign. Regardless, each of these emails share a few shortcomings that many who are email marketing or considering it can learn from.

First, I want to commend each of business owners who sent me their email. They are reaching out to potential customers and being pro-active in their marketing. Too many small businesses are still sitting on the sidelines wondering what to do in order to get more customers. So these three have taken a great step forward, and what I have to share with you will hopefully either motivate you to join them in marketing through email or if you’re already doing it, to perhaps do it even better than ever.

The subject of the first email said little more than “Deep Discounts” and contained a PDF attachment of a sales catalog. The first page illustrated that something was being offered, followed by 7 pages of products and prices. Give them credit for reaching out with some opportunities to save on their products, but technically speaking, the preview pane on my email program (Entourage MAC) shows only the first page of a PDF attachment, so all I saw when I selected this email was the first page graphically illustrating the idea of discounts. I had to open the attachment in another application in order to have any idea what was being offered. I’m not sure that most people will take the time.

I would recommend getting this product content on their web site. By doing this, they drive to their site people who may look at other things that they offer and, therefore, make it much easier for potential buyers to see their merchandise. Their email would contain an opening about the opportunity to get products at deep discounts followed by a link back to the landing page at their web site. Even if they just put the PDF on this landing page, they still get people to their site.

The second email also contained a PDF attachment, but instead of simply being a sales catalog, this PDF provided some informational value to the reader. It described how to be environmentally conscious about their type of product. It was three pages of very detailed guidance about disposing of products, the environmental impact of different varieties of products, recycling advice and guidelines, etc. That’s great.