It is very important to choose the right type of bedding for your earthworm farms. With the wrong bedding, not only do you reduce the quality of your compost, but you can endanger the health of your worms. There are a few factors that go into what makes good bedding that should be considered when you do choose what to use.

Good bedding material for earthworm farms should first and foremost be organic material. Earthworms eat everything around them, so you do not want to surround them in a material that they cannot eat What is organic material? Essentially anything that was once living or anything that was made out of something that was once living.

Your earthworm farms should be capable of maintaining a high moisture level inside the compost bin. Because of this, it is very important that your bedding material be capable of absorbing liquids and retaining the moisture. Without this capability, the moisture in your earthworm farms will drain out of your compost bin and your wormery will dry up. This will cause a major distress to your worms and all but halt the decomposition process.

Here are a few more things you should consider when deciding what type of bedding material to use in your earthworm farms. It’s best if the material is easily compostable, that is, that it is broken down quickly and easily. All organic materials can be decomposed, but some break down quicker and easier than others. You should also consider how easy it is for you to shred the material. It’s a good thing to cut up the material prior to adding it to your compost bin. You should also consider the expense of the material or how easily obtainable it is. You really want to find a material that is free and easy to find.

You may have noticed that your border collie is frequently chewing grass. There are actually numerous reasons for this behavior. He could eat it in order to throw up or he could even like the taste of the grass. In some serious cases, he might eat it because he’s not getting enough nutrients from his food. This overall disorder is called pica and refers to the fact that a dog is often eating other things except food.

So, why does your border collie eat grass? As stated before, the most common reason is because he doesn’t feel well and the grass can help him vomit and thus solve his digestive problems. On the other hand, some say that dogs aren’t smart enough to know that grass can help them relieve their nausea. Some studies showed that most border collies that eat grass are perfectly healthy. Less than 10% of the subjects seemed sick. Moreover, the grass eating doesn’t always result in vomiting. Only 25% of the dogs threw up after ingesting grass. As you see, this reason is quite uncertain.

Other reasons involve the need of fiber and other nutritional elements, the treatment of intestinal worms and improving the digestion. A study revealed that a dog vomited after eating grass daily for about 7 years. After the dog was put on a fiber diet, the dog stopped ingesting grass.

Other unofficial reasons are that the border collie likes the taste of the grass or that he’s simply bored and needs an activity. Eating grass shouldn’t be a common behavior for your dog. Therefore, here are some ways to stop border collies from chewing grass. If they are eating grass because they are bored you should assure them much more exercise. Take them out more, go with them in the park and let them run. Also you can engage them in some entertaining activities like Frisbee. In the winter time when they sit mostly in the home you can give them some rubber toys to keep them busy.

If the pica is caused by the lack of some important nutrients you could put your dog on a healthier diet that includes food with fibers like green vegetables, green beans or broccoli. This will not only stop him from eating grass, but will also keep him healthy. Also, be very careful because some lawns are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and can be very toxic and poisonous. So, if you cannot stop the border collies from chewing grass you can at least assure that the grass nearby your house it’s not harmful. For this you have to check the site of Animal Poison Control Center. If you find a safe place for your dog to eat grass, try to teach him to eat only from that certain location.