If you have a website, one of the most important things that you need to do is to generate more traffic to your website. One of the best ways to do this is to get high rankings on the search engines. But, how do you control your rankings in the search engines? You can! One way is to blog and ping. You most likely know what a blog is but, just what is a ping?

First, what is blogging?

A blog is short for web log and it is like a journal or a diary. When you keep a journal or a diary, you write personal information on a daily or weekly basis https://arsprojecta.com/. Or, you write in your diary whenever something important happens in your life. A blog, on the other hand, does not necessarily have to contain personal information. It can be about news, personal opinions, your thoughts about something, or really, anything you want can be in your blog. The most important thing about a blog is that it is updated on a regular basis, whatever that timeframe is, daily, weekly or monthly. A blog also needs to have updated and fresh, unique content. By putting new content on your blog on a regular basis, the search engines will find it and will index your blog on a regular basis, thus, increasing your search engine rankings.

Second, what is pinging?

A ping is just a program that will send a message to a server or another computer to get a response. So, when you write a new blog post, you want to ping the search engines so they know that you have just added new, unique content to your blog and they will come and index it right away.

So, why would you do these two things at the same time?

The reason for blogging and then pinging is to send a message to the search engines that you just put new content on your blog and they should come and check it out. By pinging your content, the search engines will come faster because you just sent them a message, so they know to come. If you put fresh content on your blog but don’t ping it, it will take awhile for the search engines to find you. And, you just lost a lot of time getting your great content out to the world. By blogging and pinging, you will generate traffic to your website faster.

So, to summarize, if you have a website but it is not a blog, then you need to start one. It is very easy to start a blog and there is a lot of free software out there to get you started. You can use Word Press free and you can host your new blog for very little money. Set up the RSS feeds on your blog, which are the pings, and start blogging on a regular basis. After each time that you post new content just ping it and you will generate a lot more traffic to your blog very quickly.

Maybe you have started your blog and you loathe it. Well think once, twice, three times and more if you want to keep or delete your blog post. Why do I suggest keeping your blog? The primary reason I recommend this is because you are starting your presence online. That might not mean much to you if you happen to be new, but it may mean much more in months or years up ahead. Your blog post is a real estate in the World Wide Web Land. Real estate here can become important, too.

You could become important as you grow your real estate (your blog post). Blogging is an enjoyable hobby, yet you can never predict what the future will hold for you or exactly where your passion might lead you. Especially if you are building your blog over time, and you are following some of the guidelines I discussed above. People online and bloggers are usually a friendly group. We adore to have feedback on our blogs. We usually reply to them. It’s a special reward to us when someone takes the time to make a comment.

We adore recommendations as well as people sharing what they’re doing, too. The one thing that the majority of blog writers dislike is SPAM! That is where people post simply to sell something or lead people to online sites that they might not want to go to. Never fear that though since WordPress has powerful filters now and you get to approve what people can say on their comments.

You are going to discover that blogging is lots of fun! If you can send e-mails you could blog. It’s very simple to start up a blog by using WordPress or Blogger. If you have been thinking about starting a blog and haven’t done so yet, my advice is to get going. It is a great free leisure activity and you can never predict where it may lead you. Share your passions with the entire world. There are thousands of readers out there looking for information. Maybe they are going to find you. I hope you will relish your blogging experience as much as I love blogging as well as reading blogs, too.