It was a few years ago that I first decided to create a blog. Back then, the main thing I did was to mostly use the blog as a way to keep up with friends. After all, in our this generation of internet, you practically have to have a blog if you want to have any chance of keeping in touch with anyone. People and events move on so fast that it has make letters and phone calls quickly becoming more and more forgotten. Even e-mails are starting to go that way – at least from the perspective of keeping up with you friends.

Creating a blog has a lot of advantages over these other forms of traditional communication. One of the biggest ones is that if you have some news to announce, you can give it to everyone at once Once you create the blog, you need not have to worry about repeating yourself all the time to different people. Everyone can read it themselves at their own time.

People create their online presence for different reasons. At this point in time, the most popular reason for any to go online is social networking. However, there are some there focus on very specific reason. This could be due to the fact that these people wish to focus on niche topic and attract like mindedness people only. Such blogs could be tie to topic such as current affairs, dancing, music etc, or even about David Beckham.

Even you got nothing to write about, you may still want to have a blog just to be in touch with the people around you. This can help you to be on par with what is going on in the world. The best way to do this is to become a blogger yourself. This way you can communicate with other bloggers and exchange information. Blogging is a multi way exchange of information.

When I started blogging, someone suggested that guest posting was a great way to get more blog traffic.  I’ll admit, the thought of “giving away” my best content was scary.  It’s not easy to sit down and write and none of us have unlimited time.

But I decided to give it a try and I’ve never looked back.  Since that first guest post, over 60% of my substantial traffic comes from guest posts.  I write at least one each week and have never felt the time was wasted.  Numbers don’t lie and when I see the numerical (traffic-wise) benefits of writing for other, bigger blogs, there’s no disputing the wisdom of this choice–at least in my case.

You should still write keyword rich articles and focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), of course. You want Google to be able to find your blog.  But that takes time.  You should plan on blogging for the long haul if building a large following is your ultimate goal.  If you run a monetized blog, don’t fall into the trap of making money the ultimate goal–readers/traffic have to come first.

If you write a few posts a week for a year, Google and the search engines are going to reward you with visitors.  But why wait if you don’t have to?  Why not give Google what it wants and also use every other method at your disposal to build traffic?