Oh, this is a big one. If you think it’s cool to download illegal movie files, I’ve got information to help you think again. It’s not cool. It’s against the law and the movie houses are going after violators.

When you download a movie file using a file sharing program one of the requirements of the peer to peer software you used is that you make that file (and all others) available Kissanime to other users of the system. This means that in the middle of the night someone half way across the world can find a copy of the latest Harry Potter movie on your hard drive and download it direct from you. At this point you become a pusher of the movie, and the copyright infringement groups track you down through your IP address. They find out who owns the IP address (your internet provider) and they require your ISP to turn off your internet connection.

Now, in some cases it’s one strike and you’re off for good. In other cases you are given the opportunity to sign a form saying you’ll never do it again, you’ll remove the files and understand that a future offense is very very bad.

If you sign that form and get caught uploading another file illegally, the punishment usually involves the permanent cancellation of your internet service (a bad thing if you have no or few choices for providers in your area), and the release of your name, address and usage logs to the authorities. Think about that. They will then know exactly who you are, you will no longer be a number, and they can sue you in court. Some recent cases of music uploading have been costly for the violator to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Take this lesson to heart. Downloading first run movies from the internet for free is illegal. They don’t tolerate it and you will be caught eventually. Losing your internet for life is painful enough, do you also want to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of watching that movie? Just go the theater.