Are you aware of the effects of smoking on your skin? Everyone loves to have healthy skin and good skin begins on the inside. The food we eat is broken down into the simpler substances and the basic nutrients the body needs as fuel. These nutrients are carried by the blood stream to every cell in the body as well as the vital organs. The largest organ is of course the skin. The nutrients carried by the blood are taken in by the cells of the skin, which is essential for their continued health.

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Internal health and external beauty really do reflect each other best smoke spots dust 2. The oxygen we take in when we breathe is very important to our skin, however smoking replaces the oxygen with harmful carbon monoxide, as well as many other poisonous gases. Carbon monoxide mixes readily with the hemoglobin in the blood. Carbon monoxide is more rapidly absorbed than oxygen, therefore it displaces the oxygen needed for the processes of life, including the needs of the skin. Smoking kills healthy skin from the inside.

Skin is generally able to repair itself. However this natural system is blocked by the chemicals in cigarette smoke, resulting in smokers looking prematurely aged how to make stone in little alchemy. The skin will lose its natural glow and soon take on a pale, often wrinkled, appearance.

The results for the skin are harsh. Smoking blocks essential vitamin C from reaching the skin. Vitamin C is important to generating new skin cells which help the skin maintain a healthy youthful look. Deprived of Vitamin C, the collagen in the skin soon breaks down which is what causes these wrinkles to form.

Chain smokers are often easy to spot by their sunken eyes and the dark circles around their eyes. This is a result of the damage that smoking does to the skin cells, causing them to become scaly and wrinkled. Often the lips will become black and lose their natural appearance.

A great deal of money is spent on cigarettes which only bring the smoker disease as well as damaging their appearance. It’s like paying to become ugly! The worst of the health effects of smoking are well-known, quitting can be the single best thing you can do for yourself. Soon you will notice that your skin returns to its healthy, youthful glow. Take the money that you would have spent on cigarettes and get a facial scrub and a massage. Follow this up with a healthy diet, rich in fiber that will help eliminate wastes from the body. The time to quit is now before the damage to your skin becomes beyond repair.

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Some of the most popular stop smoking aids are of the type that allows you to gradually withdraw from nicotine. The stop smoking patch for instance is used so that the cessation of the bodies use of nicotine is not complete and sudden, which is the main reason people are not successful in quitting smoking. The patch slowly releases a smaller amount of nicotine into the body than actual smoking does. This allows the person to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine their body has in it at one time to alleviate the profound discomfort of nicotine withdrawal.

When people smoke over a long period of time, the nicotine brings out the calming chemicals like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. The body does not release these chemicals on a regular basis anymore, because the nicotine stimulation has caused the bodies natural release system to shut down.

When a person decides to stop smoking, the bodies natural release of the calming chemicals does not start up right away. Without the nicotine, there are not any endorphins, serotonin or dopamine produced. This can make anybody go a little crazy. The most popular stop smoking aids are designed to help the body replace these lost chemicals while the person is trying to quit smoking.

Another of the top stop smoking aids is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a method whereby the energy spots in the body are stimulated to produce these feel good chemicals in the body, which in turn reduces or eliminates the pain and discomfort of stopping the smoking habit. Sometimes only one treatment is necessary to help a person successfully stop smoking. Regular acupuncture can be used, or the more popular laser acupuncture may be desired. Laser acupuncture uses a laser that directs light into an energy point on the body that stimulates the production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. This usually takes 2 or 3 days to get the best level of production.

After the chemicals start being released, the smoking withdrawal symptoms go away. This process will produce results for a period of several weeks. This is usually enough time for the body to start producing these chemicals on its own again. As mentioned earlier, smoking causes the body to stop the regular release of these chemicals. Usually the person only needs one treatment, however sometime two treatments are needed. There are other stop smoking aids available but these are two of the popular methods.