When you buy a high quality family camping tent, it can make all the difference to the success of your camping trip. There is nothing like a good camping trip to bond the family together. The tent is your temporary home and you will want it to be as comfortable and practical as possible. The family camping tent will be first on the list of equipment that is needed because it is https://mywatchbegins.com/best-family-tent/ the most important item. Let’s have a look at some of the areas to consider when buying a brand new camping tent.

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An important point to consider of course is the amount of space that you will need. This depends on several factors including the number of people on the trip, how much equipment you have, whether you have any pets and what the weather is going to be like. It is best to always opt for a tent that is designed for one person more than you have in the family. For a family of four for example, buy a five or six person tent. This means that you will have enough space for all your gear, particularly on days when it is raining. The usual rule is that a four-person tent has enough space for exactly four people, this leaves no floor area free to stow some equipment.

The option to divide the tent is also an important consideration. Make sure you buy a family camping tent that can be split up using dividers so that you have privacy or you can make a quiet area for the baby for example. Also check that the tent has adequate storage facilities for small items of equipment. A front shade canopy that provides added outdoor living space and shelter from the weather, and some windows are also good features to remember.

Easy set up is the next thing to think about. There is nothing worse than arriving at the campsite in the dark and finding that the tent is difficult to assemble. Obviously it is best to do a practice run at home before you use it, but a good family camping tent should be designed to be set up in 15 minutes or less with two people. If you have difficulty carrying things then try to find the lightest tent or one that is packaged for easier carrying.

It is very important that a family camping tent can withstand bad weather. All manufacturers recommend that you seal the seams before you use the tent. Once this is done there should be no leaks in any weather. The tent should also be able to withstand strong winds. At the same time you will want your tent to have adequate ventilation so that it is possible to keep it cool on warm nights, regardless if it’s raining.

There are plenty of camping tent brands to choose from. Tents made by Eureka, Swiss Gear, Columbia and Wenzel always generate good customer reviews. It is always good to read family tent reviews plus the recommendation of people who own the tents, particularly if they have used them in bad weather.