There are web sites all over the Internet that offer a moving checklist for planning your move (Starting 12 months in advance?) I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what I will have for lunch tomorrow, or what gift to buy for my nephew’s birthday next week. I believe that although these Moving company amsterdam moving checklists are trying to be helpful, for most people attempting to execute a 12 month moving plan can lead to more stress than not having one at all!

My question is, are most people THAT likely to start planning a move, as much as a year in advance, like a wedding?

Heck, even most weddings aren’t planned until a few months ahead of time. I got a kick out of the many websites of either moving companies, or the businesses that sell moving boxes, and how some of them offer a moving checklist of things to do, starting 1 year or more before your actual moving date.

Remember in high school, when they gave us an assignment, or a special project, and they gave us three or four weeks to do it? Most people started it the Friday evening before the Monday morning when it was due. NOW all of those people are adults, and I am pretty sure that they are not planning on buying moving boxes and forwarding magazine subscriptions many months in advance. It make look good on paper, but for most people who have busy careers, families and stressful lives, it simple isn’t reasonable or possible.

Besides, you have the many people who suddenly get a job promotion, or they find a great new job, and they are told or they decide that they have to move, and they only have a week or two or three. So, for those people, the whole 12 month – 6 month – 3 month time-line/ relocation checklist won’t work! Sorry!

Don’t get me wrong. There are many moving checklists and helpful information that are helpful to use. However, I believe that the checklists that start 12 months before a move can lead to more stress than using one at all!

A good piece of advice is don’t try and over-complicate moving preparations. This will decrease your moving stress right away. Yes there is a lot to do, but it is not complicated; just a lot of hard work. RELAX!

Instead, what will work is that they can order some moving boxes or a moving kit, have it delivered to their door within a few days, while they make a few other arrangements, such as pin-pointing a moving day and then hiring some movers…(the only way to fly!) Then when the moving kit arrives, you can start packing away your valuables into nice, sturdy boxes that won’t topple over, and will cut down on the man hours needed for your move. (Remember you’re paying the movers for their time!)

If you want a move checklist that is simplified, it goes like this:

#1: Order moving boxes online at Moving Box Delivery; with enough time that you can pack your moving boxes. #2: Call a moving company and pick a date (don’t forget that summer gets booked faster than the winter time does) #3: Start packing when the moving kit or boxes arrive #4: Change all your addresses, (the most time consuming part) forward your mail, magazines, and cancel your newspaper home delivery