Thanks to NOWPayments? tools, accepting SXP with an API is easy and does not take enough time. In order to be able to get your Swipping payment system upwards and running, you have to follow these actions:
1 . Sign up with NOWPayments page;
2. Create your accounts by entering your own email and password;
3. After you confirm your email, signal in into your account;
4. Open up the Dashboard page and enter the Swipe crypto address.
5. After entering your address, you can generate your current API key simply by pressing the? Add New Key? button;
6th. Once you have your API key, you can select a payment gateway of your choice.
NOWPayments provides many crypto payment gateways. You can acknowledge cryptocurrencies using product owner tools such while a crypto account or a tool (relevant only for merchants involving WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, in addition to other platforms). You can also accept Swipe crypto donations using widgets, buttons, or hyperlinks.
API is short for application coding interface. swipe payment gateway enables two different applications to work together, enabling them to communicate with each other. API comprises a code that will defines a process to a machine and controls requests, as well since establishes the rules involving making them. API is a hassle-free approach to build some sort of bridge between 2 services and synchronize them together.
API server is really an essential element in deploying crypto payment gateways on external solutions. Essentially, today, retailers do not have got to build their own payment solutions given that they can simply integrate their online retail outlet with a third-party service. NOWPayments gives effective ways intended for setting up crypto payment gateways through APIs.