Driving in Los Angeles is never fun, but if you’re going to battle the traffic and get out to enjoy a few beaches, you might as well do it in style. This is exactly why LAX rental car companies have revamped the traditional rental service setup. They cater to customers with a little more cash to spend, and an eye for style and luxury. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great deal on a rental in Southern California, but you will need to be prepared for the LAX rental car experience.

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Normally rental cars come in neutral colors, standard coupe, sedan, and mini-van styles from all the trusted brands, like Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, and Hyundai. However, LAX rental car companies stock some cars of the flashier variety. You are more likely to see bright colors, convertibles, and cars that are designed for speed rather than safety. This luxury will be reflected in the cost as well as the insurance liability, but it might be just what you’re looking for to spoil yourself while on vacation. You will have a variety of sleek and stylish sports cars to choose from in Los Angeles.

Elevated Costs

California has strict emissions standards that require every vehicle to pass an annual emissions test before it can be legally driven. This means that vehicle maintenance costs are higher, and some of this cost gets passed along to you in the form of elevated rental fees. It’s best to just accept this fact and focus on saving money in other areas. Also keep in mind that gas prices are likely to be more expensive in Southern California that you are used to. This merits looking into hybrid car options, and asking about refueling fees.

Plan Ahead

Essentially every large chain provides LAX rental services. This means that you can make a reservation in advance with a well established company like Budget, Enterprise, Avis, National, or Hertz and be picked up curbside by an LAX rental car shuttle when you arrive at the airport. This kind of planning will save you tons of time and a major headache, so don’t wait until you land and collect your luggage to start thinking about a rental car. Not all rental agencies are allowed to run airport shuttles, so ask specifically about transportation to and from the rental center when you make your reservation.