Are you the one with the responsibility of writing an obituary for a recently departed loved one? If so, this article will put you on the right path to creating a memoir that will summarize well the life of the recently departed. Writing the obituary is a big responsibility but if you follow this guide, you will surely be successful.

On a blank piece of paper or on your computer write out the name of the deceased, the date and place of birth as well as the date and place of death You then may or may not write out the cause of death; this is optional.

As you are filling out this essential information don`t worry too much about the flow of your obituary since you will be able to touch up the actual text at the end once you have on the important information on paper (or on screen).

Now comes time to honor the life of the deceased. Start by stating the name of the spouse as well as the date and place of marriage if applicable. The parents`names, siblings, schools attended and special friends come next. You may want to recount any childhood stories that are significant to the deceased. Follow up with education, college or universities attended as well as significant jobs, charitable projects, awards, achievements or other stories of life successes, trials or tribulations.

Follow up now by acknowledging the survivors. So you could say: ______is survived by: spouse, children in order of date of birth and their spouses, any grandchildren, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters in order of birthdate, pets, friends and any other significant others such as nephews, nieces, cousins and in-laws. You may also wish to include who the departed is predeceased by such as spouse, children, pets and any other significant people in their life.

Now comes time in your obituary to announce where and when the visitations, funeral and burial will take place. If there are any other memorials, vigils or receptions taking place in honor of the newly deceased, now is the time to give details such as day, date, time and place. You can also mention the name of the officiant, pallbearers and of course the name of the funeral home in charge of arrangements along with address and phone number to call for more information.

In conclusion, you will want to include a statement about where and to which association memorial contributions can be sent if applicable. Many people will want to send flowers to offer their condolences in addition to donations to a charity of choice and the information in your obituary will be very helpful. You may wish to thank any people, groups or institutions that helped the loved one in his or her dying days or lifetime. If there was a quotation that meant a lot to the newly deceased, you may want to finish with this quote or else sum up the life of the deceased in one last sentence.

Now that you are done writing your obituary, go over the text carefully to edit your work. Make sure the sentences flow well together. If possible, get a second person to double-check your work and offer suggestions for improvement. Last but not least call the paper to schedule running your obituary in their paper and online edition for a few days before the memorial service.