If messaging is the motivating factor behind your choice on mobile phones, then the Motorola Milestone is the phone that is perfect for you. When it comes to messaging, this Android phone blows away the competition. There are just so many ways to get the message across with the Milestone.

The first thing you notice on this phone is the phone’s large display. This 3.7 inch WVGA display is perfect for browsing, text messaging, emails, or for checking updates on social networks. From SMS to MMS, from emails to social network updates, and from IMs to just about everything, enjoy rich and vibrant colors on this wide display.

When it comes to typing, this phone gives you not just one, but two complete options. You can either use the virtual keypad on the phone’s touch screen, or use the phone’s slide out QWERTY keyboard. With these two options, you get to enjoy all the symbols, characters, and letters that most phones do not have 분당스웨디시.

When it comes to emails, you get an assortment of options. You get POP3, IMAP, Push Gmail, and Push Exchange. With these options, you are sure to get the whole message, and at the same time get the whole story through. With the Motorola Milestone, you no longer need to access your emails using a PC or laptop. Feel the need for IMs? With the Milestone, you get to chat away with Gtalk. Voicemail is yet another option.

Text messaging is now an essential part of the mobile world. Mobile phones are just incomplete without this feature. With the Milestone, you get to enjoy more of this basic feature. You get to reply or send out new messages with complete characters and symbols with either the virtual keypad or slide out keyboard. In addition, with predictive messaging you get to type in a word in a blink of an eye.

With the Motorola Milestone, you get to enjoy MMS or multimedia messages. You can attach images, audio, and videos to a standard text message. With this feature available, you get to spice up an ordinarily basic feature. Messaging will never be the same with this touch screen mobile phone.