The World Boxing Council (WBC) are honouring the great American boxer Vernon Forrest for all of his involvement in the WBC since he started making a name for himself in the ring in 1997 by winning the WBC Continental Americas Welterweight Championship then.

Having achieved much more since then, including three WBC World Championships, he is now recovering from an injury before he can put on his boxing gloves again to regain the WBC World Championship against current champion Sergio Martinez but even off the ring, Forrest was unanimously มวยโลก voted to represent the WBC as its Ambassador of Peace and Good Will in the World Through Sports.

No matter how the rules are made and how many precautions taken, there is no denying that boxing is a physically punishing sport that could seriously injure its competitors. Recently, boxing has not only seriously injured one of its athletes but took his life as Benjamin Flores succumbed to injuries after being admitted into Parkland Hospital in Texas following his bout against Al Seeger which ended in him being knocked unconscious.

Many people get the misconception that most successful athletes of physical or contact sports do not have educational backgrounds to boast about especially in a sport like boxing but one man is strongly proving the point to be false as Juan Diaz earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Houston. Fondly called the Baby Bull when his boxing gloves are on, he does not plan to stop there in education as he is already contemplating to sit for an LSAT review course and maybe continue pursuing his studies in Law School with the reason that he will have more open options should his career in boxing which already saw three World Championships come to a halt.