The majority of children have notoriously short attention spans for anything that does not involve the here and now. That’s why quite a lot of learning activities for kids need to be enjoyable and entertaining. If you want to know how to improve short term memory in children, then making the lessons feel like games will actually be more helpful than presenting them as actual lessons. Coming up with fun filled memory boosting activities for children can also be enjoyable for any teacher 유흥알바.

Simple Memory Games and Activities

A game that kids can play is the simple card game where you turn a set of cards face down and try to match them pair by pair by turning two up at a time. If the cards don’t match, you turn them face down again, if they do match, you leave them face up. The actions are repeated until all the cards are face up. This can be played by yourself or with others, where the person who turned up the most pairs wins. If you’re wondering how to improve short term memory in children with this game, it stimulates the brain by training it to remember the locations of the cards that have been turned up and faced down as well as the images or suits on those cards. You can find cards that are dedicated to this particular game, or you can use a standard player deck. You can even make the cards on your own. Watch your kids become memory masters the longer they play.

The Role of the Senses

There are a number of techniques how to improve the short term memory in children and older adolescents that can help the process. Short term memory can depend on the different senses as well. Seeing things and remembering them is but one part of short term memory. Listening to various auditory cues is another part. Let the children listen and remember, perhaps a list of various things, a remnant of a song, a part of a speech. Turning this activity into entertaining play time for children would need a bit of ingenuity. Perhaps, you can list a series of animals from Australia or the nicknames of the presidents or a list of Disney titles, then making them write the list in order. This could also have the added function of making them learn various facts.

Another thing to keep in mind when setting up a system for how to the improve short term memory in children, you should put emphasis on praise and reward, in addition to the entertaining aspect of games and activities. Incentives will certainly spur the children to play and win and learn with more enthusiasm. A simple cupcake, or maybe some stickers, an extra thirty minutes doing what they love – rewards don’t have to be complicated, but they should be enough to make the children want to do all the activities that you know will boost their short term memory and their learning potential with it.