Tucked away in one of Melbourne’s small alleyways, Gin Palace remains after many years of existence, one of Melbourne’s hidden delights. sofa melbourne

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Walking into the quaint bar, the vibe I instantly picked up was very chill and tranquil. With the lights dim, the music on quietly in the background, there is a definite emphasis on talking. Vintage chairs and couches were set up across the venue floor. (The hardest part of the night was probably deciding where to sit!)

After making that taunting decision of where to sit, I could then focus on the big question… what to drink? Taking my seat I was greeted by a very friendly waitress who handed me a drink menu. Yes, Table service! This means that there is absolutely no reason to leave your seat. Flicking through the menu, I figure when in Rome, I may as well give one of their famous cocktails a try. Let me tell you, Gin Palace is not stingy with their alcohol. After that one cocktail I was set for the night!

As the night grew later the place starting packing out with younger bodies and the seating began to limit. The venue actually got quite packed to my surprise, as I hadn’t heard of the venue until that night.

The best part of Gin Palace, I found, was sitting down and catching up with my friends on those vintage lounges. We all became oblivious to our surroundings. No longer did I feel as if I were out at a bar in the city. I felt more so as if I were hanging out at one of my friend’s houses. (With the exception of the table service!)