The astonishing world of CakePHP is known for continuously advancing its stature and reassuring its presence. Its virtues come across strongly with its definitive updates. The CakePHP team makes it much clear that the prolific platform is going to continue its winning spree with ever scalable definitions and resourceful ventures.

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Recently, the team has announced an immediate availability of CakePHP 2.3.0-beta. This latest version of CakePHP includes feature-packed performance and security proponents. Let’s see how it is going to make your life easier and better.

With CakePHP 2.3.0-beta, the developers will now be able to easily define CACHE and LOGS, as these are now conditionally defined by CakePHP Ebang Ebit Mining Machine. This means the CakePHP developers do not have to apply any code for creating logs and caches, and it would be now automatically generated by the system. This will allow the programmers to fetch the necessary data by simply applying FETCH command.

Now with the new updated version, the caching would allow developers to setup CakePHP in an ever simpler manner. This makes APC to be set and deployed most handily.

Few resourceful components have been added to the architecture to add value to already existing modules. To support blowfish/bcrypt hashed passwords, AUTHENTICATE ADAPTER has been implemented which would let you use the bcrypt passwords in your $authenticate array. This feature has also been extended to serve the authentication access by blocking the users with stateless authentication.

Another component added to the new version is PAGINATOR which offers the ‘FIND’ TYPE option. This can be used to specify the ‘find’ method for Pagination. This is something that would really help developers Paginate in a quick and effortless manner.

Another important Component added to the Cake’s new version is based on security. The security will now support UNLOCKED ACTIONS option which can be used to disable all the security checks related to any particular action.

Two more components added in this version include COOKIE COMPONENT and HANDLER COMPONENT. Cookie Component offers similar features as CakeSession. The new Handler component provides the user with the facility to request for mapping a content type for viewing a class name.