I myself am a medical marijuana user so am not telling this story because I do not believe in the amazing things it can help with, just want the stories to be respected as real. I smoked what is the active ingredient in cbd oil a decent amount and me and my friends were in the woods on a hot day. I was sitting down feeling fine then suddenly I got lightheaded so I went to go into the shade to sleep it out.

It was the most awful experience of my life, well top 3 for sure. I’ve started to get the night sweats over the past month – do you think this is related to weed? I hardly smoke anything, it takes me ages to get through a half ounce and only smoke half a joint per night, just enough to get me buzzed for about an hour or so.


I am 55 years old and have been smoking off and on since I was 14. While I accept each person will have different reactions to others the minor versions of Reefer Madness read here are in my opinion nonsense that perhaps moderators here should not be fooled by. I get so tired of BS about a wonderful plant.

When you assign us your assignment, we select the most qualified writer in that field to handle your assignment. It started around 15 when I was smoking close to an ounce a day and I started getting really paranoid about past conflicts in my childhood and I still can’t leave my house. But you can tell you have psychosis if you smoke a bit and your speech doesn’t make sense or other thought disorders. Mindy my heart goes out to you because my son also experienced the same phychosis. His friends who shared the bong were terrified and to this day they have nightmares about it.

If a cannabis product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it’s classified as “hemp,” which is not a restricted substance. Most, if not all, CBD oil fits this description. The bigger issue is discussing this course of treatment with your veterinarian.

There is another chemical compound found in cannabis that suppresses hunger, this is THCv. The side effects of cannabis can be directed to counter illness that prevents people where can i get cbd oil for my dog from having an appetite to helping those lose weight who are obese. By now you should understand what cannabis is and the history that has brought it to where it’s at today.

I decided to wait until the temp in the box was reached and then left it for another 20 minutes, which is the low end of the time range shown in the graph above. In all, the box was in the oven for probably over 40 minutes. I guess you could do the same thing with decarbed weed, but the problem with decarbed weed is that it is almost like dust and you won’t be able to strain it properly through the cheesecloth.

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I lost all the strength in my legs and fell to the ground where I rested until I finally came to and could feel/talk how i was supposed to. Super trippy experience and i thought i was having a seizure. At first it caused panic attacks, until I became used to the dosage.

It rarely happens but hallucinations are reported as a rare but possible reaction that can occur. There have been companies that have decided not to test for cannabis in their drug test for potential employees. The stigma of cannabis is finally being removed because of how much cbd for dogs distillate more people being aware of its medical properties. Its now safer for people to buy cannabis knowing they’re not going to smoke anything extra. The commercialization of this herb in places with stricter regulation such as Nevada make it even more safe for consumers.

It’s what you learn from these experiences that truly matter. We cannot forget that the experience with cannabis is very subjective on both a physical and mental level and the reaction that we each have to the same variety or dose is very different. Our endocannabinoid system and our own genetics determine each individual’s specific response to cannabis.

I don’t like smoking, as I have asthma. I’ve heard some say that it can help asthma, but that has not been my particular experience. Hello ive been a heavy smoker for at least 6 years.

Decarbed cannabis should change its color from green to light brown. I think it can kill you in another way. For people who suffer psychosis from too much weed might be enough for someone to kill themselves. At the time it was very scary and finding sites on the internet that told me it was normal and okay helped me. Based upon your passion, I don’t think it is right for you to espouse your opinion on a topic that you are not experientially capable of speaking on. I have been smoking every single day for 15 years and i have recently taken breaks and it is obvious that this is very real shit.

Even if loss of consciousness occurs, it typically just lasts a few seconds. It is akin to what happens when you accidentally have one too many wines. You might vomit, you might pass out for a second, but it will all be okay in a couple of hours. There might not be any scientific evidence to support using a sugary snack as a treatment for a white-out, but it’s still an effective old wives’ tale. The most important thing to do when a whitey starts happening is to sit or lay down.