Weddings are supposed to be all about the bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the most fabulous Maid of Honor ever. However, it may not be easy to get the award of the best Maid of Honor but it’s an experience worth trying. Some brides manage to remain human all the way from engagement to vows. Others can literally try their best to make you go nuts!!! From your best friend or your lovable sister, they can turn into raving and hormonal psychos that no longer resemble anything born of this realm. She will cry, call you ugly names, and make you wear an ugly, over priced dress and do everything that would make you swear that you will never consider being in the same room with her ever again. And yet, there you are trying to help her the best way that you can and accepting the request when your friend or sister asks you, Will you be my Maid of Honor?

Your best friend is getting married in the warmth of the summer sun and there’s nothing more exciting than helping her celebrate by acting as the Maid of Honor and planning the perfect bridal shower. You also have to find the most beautiful dress for the bride and other bridesmaids and of course, plan a bachelorette party that everyone recalls for the rest of their lives. Here are some tips to bring you from “Maid of Honor” to “Best Maid of Honor EVER” status:

Bride needs intensive care:

Being a Maid of Honor, you should maintain regular communication with the bride. This will ensure that you are not missing anything, and she will know that you are there if she needs you. It includes visiting the bride’s house plenty of times to help out with the preparations, the hair dresser and make-up artist. The Maid of Honor may also be called upon to help out with arrangements for getting the bride’s mother and the other attendants to the ceremony venue.

Planning the Hens Night:

Planning an awesome and fun bachelorette party is what the bride bridal dress needs before the weeding.. The objective that the Maid of Honor should have in mind is to make this party memorable. Certainly, you don’t want her to remember it because she was humiliated; remember it’s a respectful thing. Sure, you can push the envelope a bit, but you should really find out what she can tolerate before you plan any unexpected surprises, otherwise you may have a very unhappy bride.

The Big Day!

It’s very common that the bride may get cold feet. Make sure you are there to remind her how long she has waited for her prince charming. Make her realize that she has chosen the right guy because this is not the place to give your insights when you know she loves the groom. Make sure everyone is behaving in their best manner and no scene is created on the venue, such as Uncle Tim getting drunk and dancing on the tables.

The Maid of Honor should also make sure that bride’s favorite track is played by her desired band when she walks down the aisle. Once the bride has joined the groom, the Maid of Honor will take the bride’s bouquet and gloves and look after them for the duration of the service. When the time comes to sign the register, the Maid of Honor will go with the bride into the vestry or side room, accompanied by the best man to witness the signing. Do not make her realize that you are getting bored taking care of her. Show interest and love like you had promised in your childhood, sitting in a tree house.