With a consistently increasing market share as high as 72% and operating with 730 + websites, to foreign business, Baidu has been the first choice while acknowledging it as Google in the West. Similar to Google, Baidu has omnipresence in China and that demands you to have a business presence on Baidu. Regardless it’s SEO or SEM, without being on Baidu, your business project will simply be at bay in no time.

Put simply, as you consider having an optimized web presence with Google page is crucial to enhance your business identity, brand awareness, or establish authenticity, being on Baidu should be taken quite seriously to reach millions of searchers in China. Thereby, when you’re intended to extend your market through search engine marketing in China, consider the following points with diligence to enjoy a steady SEM success in Baidu.

Find Most Relevant Keywords

It’s worth noting for any business group, be it a major corporate enterprise or SME that the digital marketplace of mainland China is completely different in all terms. Not only will it be surprising but challenging too once you find that Google is nowhere in China. Notably, all social pages popular in the West are banned in China with the implementation of the Firewall of China. But, even though you will find the Chinese china marketing agency largest search engine Baidu that has more than 72% stake in the digital market and most preferred by foreign business, however, the business policies of Baidu is extremely complex, particularly to overseas groups. That’s why; your priority should be working with a Chinese digital marketing agency that will help you in all terms.

Since finding productive keywords is the first key to unlock Baidu SEM successfully, the agency you hire will evaluate your nature of the business, products/services, target audience and alongside do the necessary research activities of your rival groups and accordingly get the most relevant and helpful keywords to get better positioning in SEM ads.

Go With Baidu Shangqiao

Baidu Shangqiao has been wonderfully designed for users of Baidu SEM to enjoy a series of advantages including online social games, sending microblogging, listening to music, having forum charts, viewing movies as well as search engine shopping experience that naturally increase the drive of traffic to any PPC ad page.

Apart from the most cherished QQ chatting tool, Baidu Shangqiao is fitted with tools that help users enjoy real-time customer assistance, make queries, sharing their product experience, and more. With more interaction with customers, your business attains a high CRT rate which helps to boost the quality score and fetch less bidding price with superior positioning on ad pages. The user-friendly free service of Shangqiao works amazingly to boost users’ experience which is counted by Baidu.

Use Forums, Interviewing Session

Given that the Chinese community spends a considerable time every day while undergoing forums for reviewing more than people in the west, having a business presence through forums should be a major concern for you. Practically people in China trust comments passed by their like-minded social circle as well as other consumers before making a buying decision. Therefore, you should do your best to maintain your business reputation in forums by encouraging users to promote comments as well as incentivizing them by various means for posting their reviews.

Equally, consider having an interviewing (Q/A) session which is a smart, persuasive, and effective way to gain customer trust. Initiate online programs and produce them through video/audio while focusing on your product features getting answers from users as your question directly, making people feel confident about your trustworthiness, product quality, and after-sales services. The engagement is a major concern to Baidu while determining your business ads position in search engine marketing in China.