Many people believe that babies have fewer bones. This is not really true. In fact, babies have more bones than adults. However, some of these bones are just cartilage and therefore people do not consider them to be real bones.

According to some studies, babies have bones and cartilages that sum up to 300-350 while adults have a total of 206 adult bones. Why is this so? The main reason that experts tell is that the bones of babies are more in number and softer because they have to go through the opening of their moms. Have you ever wondered why and how babies fit into the opening of the vagina during child labor? The reason is because their bones are still flexible and this setup helps them in sliding through the opening. You will notice that a 深水埗跌打師傅 newborn child has a lot of soft spots. The skull is a little bit pointed which shows how the bones realigned to fit the opening. Over time, the bones of the babies merge together. As they merge, they become stronger. This is especially true for the bones that protect the vital organs such as the skull and the ribs.

The bones harden and develop through the process known as ossification. In this process, the adult bones are being formed. This is very important for the body to be able to support the weight when growing up. If you observe a young kid moving, you will see that they are still very flexible. This is because their bones are not yet fully developed. One reason for this is that their body is not big enough therefore their current set of bones can still support the movement. However, when the kids start to grow, the body will have to support the weight of more muscles. The only way the body can do this is to strengthen the structure particularly the skeletal framework of the body. This is the reason why not all adults are flexible. Only those who have trained and are training for flexibility can really bend at a good angle.

Your bones are vital for the body. You will not be able to live if the bones break. You may, but it will be really difficult. Therefore, you should always guard your body in order to prevent the bones from getting fractured. In case you break your bones, you need to go to the doctor immediately in order to set the bones. The doctor will not be able to heal the bones because they do not have the power to do so. Do not worry though because your bones can heal by themselves. It will just take time and you should make sure that the area affected does not move.