If you have toenail fungus, by now you must have heard that soaking your feet in a Listerine foot bath is a good cure. What you have been told is wrong…atleast partially.

After testing Listerine on nail fungus infections, I have determined that it is not powerful enough to remove a strong infection.

While Listerine Does work… I have no doubts that it works a little bit – after soaking my feet in foot baths for about a week, I noticed only a partial clearing of the fungus. If you have a light infection, this method very well might clear your toe nail fungus for good. However, it was not successful in Fungus Clear completely removing the nail fungus – in fact after about a week later, the infection was back to where it was before the Listerine Foot Baths. Not to mention the 4 bottles of it I went through in the process

They say that Vinegar works – I tested this method out and saw about the same success with the Listerine foot baths. After discontinuing the treatment after 2 weeks, I noticed that the fungus returned just like it did with the Listerine.

As far as home remedies are concerned, I just don’t think they have enough umph to do the job. That said, there are a lot of products out there that are formulated specifically for heavy nail infections. The best part about some of these is that it is actually cheaper than having to buy multiple bottles of Listerine and Vinegar, only to see minor success. Check out my resource box below for a good solution.