For a self help book to work, we have to read right it through to the end. While this may seem like a no-brainer, many people never finish reading books that they buy. In fact many people never read a book after they finish high school.

The next step after reading, is to re-read the important parts and then start doing the exercises – probably every day!

Self help books can give us great information but we actually have to put that information to good use… (sigh)

Ah well! If we don’t have time for a book, how about a tape or CD while we’re driving in the car?

Now that sounds like a good idea It’s called *time management*. We can do two things at once! We can listen between the news bulletins, while watching out for the speed cameras or when driving the kids to school (Mum do we have to listen to that again?)

Or we can prance round all day chanting affirmations, telling ourselves we are prosperous and abundant and how our business is improving . Trouble is we don’t really believe it do we?

Or how about sticking little notes on all the mirrors in our house proclaiming how we are losing weight and getting better and better every day, the kind we have to rush around removing when visitors call….

I’m not saying these things don’t work, they can and sometimes they do. There’s some great motivational books, tapes and CDs out there and they’re helping people all the time. The problem kilometre capital is the majority of us are simply not getting the required results.

So we still haven’t dropped a dress size or made our first million. Our businesses are still stumbling along and the only thing that’s growing is our overdraft (not to mention our waistline)

So what’s the answer? Are we condemned to a life of mediocrity? Do we have to give up on our dreams?

The answer is accountability. We have to be accountable. (No I’m not talking about the tax office) To ourselves! To our futures!

It’s easy to go out and buy a book, a little harder to actually read it. Phew! We then sit back hoping that this time we’ve found the answer, this time we’ll see it through. This time we’re actually going to make it work!

The only way to make your life work is to take action. Start that business, buy that investment property, stick to that healthy eating plan!

Of course do your homework first, make sure your decisions are viable. You don’t have to take uncalculated risks. But don’t get stuck in “analysis paralysis”! Procrastination can sometimes be our worst enemy.