Galvanized roofing is one of the most commonly used types of metal roofing material in the world. Yet many people tend to go for thinner galvanized corrugated metal roofing sheets because of cost considerations when constructing new roofs or renovating old roofs on their residential home. If the thickness of your chosen galvanized tile you select to purchase is less than 0.2mm, do you still select the same product? Absolutely! This is because there are still numerous benefits associated with this particular type of metal roofing product.

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First of all, let me explain what exactly ‘galvanized’ means. In order to get an accurate measurement of thickness, many manufacturers will ask you for a gi (gauge) nha khung thep. Gauge size doesn’t necessarily mean thickness! Many homeowners incorrectly believe that a thicker gauge of galvanized roofing sheet will provide better protection from extreme weather elements and therefore require a larger and expensive tile.

It’s true that galvanized tiles offer higher levels of protection against such problems as hurricanes and tornadoes, but the higher level of protection is only afforded up to a point. Galvanized sheet thickness can reach as much as 0.5 mm but then this thicker gauged metal will not be able to protect you properly against erosion, rusting, corrosion or even termites. As a result, it is highly advisable to stick with a different type of material for your galvanized roofing. Let’s look at other types of materials that are often used for roofing.

In most cases, home builders use zinc strip as the main building material on their roof. There are two main types of zinc: one is the pure form (folic acid) while the other is zinc coated (zinc alloy). As an alternative to zinc strip, another option is to install pure zinc roofing. Despite its advantages over zinc coated material, it is not very durable or even waterproof – even though it is corrosion resistant.

Galvalume is another commonly used material for galvanized roofing. Galvalume is made from zinc along with other metallic elements. However, this particular coating is usually applied on top of a zinc-coated base. The zinc coating protects the galvanized base from corrosion and from the elements. Like zinc coated tiles, galvanized galvalume has the potential to become extremely expensive.

In order to obtain a durable solution that is highly effective at providing maximum protection, it is advisable to use full hard or semi-hard metals. Generally, the thicker the metal used, the better – the greater the protection. Full-hard metals like aluminum and copper are suitable for roofing sheets that measure up to 0.2mm thick. For thicker layers, it is important to ensure that they are protected by a layer containing galvanized coating.