Up for discussion today are more hold em tips to help에이스홀덤 you get your game going in the right direction. In Hold ‘Em it’s important to keep your opponent on their toes and guessing what you’re holding. If you only raise when you’re holding something like AA, AK, or KK you’re opponents are going to know to avoid you when you raise. If your own strategy sounds something like this – I have AK it’s time to raise 4x the big blind then anyone who has ever read a poker article that says “raise 4x the blind with AK” is going to know what you’re holding and know when to get out of the hand. No ace or king on the flop, they know you’re not a threat. Try to throw out different sized bets depending on what you’re holding. Be unpredictable. This, of course, is not a license to start playing lousy hands like 8 3 off suit out of early position with a big raise. Still play good poker, just try switching up your betting patterns to throw your opponents off.

Try to remember that there are more hands available for your arsenal than just pocket rockets, pocket kings, and ace king. Typically when people look down at the mentioned hands bells start going off in their heads and they start thinking about all the cool stuff they can buy. But what about suited connectors like 10 9 suited? 10 8 suited with a 1 card gap? These hands can be very powerful when played out of late (or sometimes middle) position. While they may not be the greatest for winning a hand with a flush (some clowns like to play King 3 suited to try and catch a flush) they have a lot of potential to win you the pot with a pair, two pair, trips, or the straight. Try to throw in the connectors in the right spots. If the flop doesn’t connect for you simply fold the hand and move on.

The top ten hands are also the most common to go broke on, or lose a mound of chips with if you’re playing at a very loose low level online table. Lately aces have been going down to odd hands like Queen Seven suited with a decent sized preflop raise. Low level tables tend to follow less the rule of thumb of only calling large raises with decent hands. Queen Seven suited is NOT a decent hand. The possibilities of your great hand being beat by something silly increases with each player who enters into the pot. Aces will beat pretty much any hand about 80% of the time heads up. When other hands start entering into the fray those odds diminish. The loose low level players are coming up with all sorts of hands that most people don’t even think to keep an eye out for.

Pay attention to the table you’re sitting at and watch the types of hands your opponents are playing. It may be wise to move all in when holding aces or kings to rid yourself of those pesky fishermen. Even a raise of eight times the big blind may invite in a new or loose player to enter into your pot. With each call made around the table, the pot odds increase for more loose players to enter into the hand in a potentially profitable sort of way.