We live in a world where almost everything we do is digital. We 手機攝影技巧 send and receive our payroll digitally, we pay bills digitally and we even read digital books. One of the best things that we can do digitally is photography. Digital photography provides us with a clearer, crisper image, it allows us to crop and edit out images, and can place those images on just about anything we want to. It is truly one of our greater technological upgrades in photography with endless possibilities and new discoveries.

One advantage of digital photography over traditional photography is that digital images are much clearer and have less noise in them. Colors are brighter and stay that way over a longer period of time compared to traditional images. Most all digital cameras provide a noise reduction to images that help protect them from fading and losing their clean, crisp imagery. Traditional cameras do not have this capability and therefore images risk showing signs of deterioration over time.

Another advantage of having digital images is being able to edit and change them into almost anything you need. For example, digital imagery software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator provide us with countless options on how to change our digital imagery. From turning the image into a black and white picture, to blending multiple images together to form a whole new creation altogether, digital photography is full of potential improvement of some of the simplest images.

Finally, digital images have the ability to go and do just about anything. Because they are digital, they are mobile, which means that can be copied easily, pasted and printed onto almost anything easily, and touched up with color, size alteration, and image manipulation. This means that a simple image containing a single red rose can be used in several different ways. As the faded background to a new set of stationary, or it could be copied and pasted multiple times to create a field of roses. Digital photography gives us the capabilities to create scenes and beautiful landscapes out of individual, smaller images that are blended together. These are things that traditional photography just cannot provide.

Traditional photography still continues to have many great qualities and it is constantly upgrading lens to get a better quality image; however, digital photography will always have the greater advantage when it comes to better quality images, more possibilities of change and manipulation, and longer lasting imagery with less signs of aging over time. Our world is a digital one, and photography is not being left out in the cold. It is changing with the times as well and that means constant upgrades and a better, more polished product in the end.