The winter season can take a toll on your roof. While the soft snow may look beautiful, it can cause damage to your roof that can bring many problems if not fixed. Many people don’t check their roofs for damage after the winter season. Knowledge of the damage snow can cause to your roof will help you know what to look for and when to get help. Roofing contractors in Salem, NH and your local area can help you fix your roof and prevent further damage.

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Water leaks are a common roof problem after snow or heavy rain fall. An untreated leak will cause damage to the structure of your home as well as your personal belongings inside your home. The most noticeable sign of a roof leak is water dripping from the ceiling and water spots on the ceiling or walls. A puddle of water on the floor may be caused from a leak in the ceiling. Another obvious sign of a roof leak is soft spots found on the ceiling or walls. Dampness on a wall or ceiling may be found in areas where a leak is just beginning. Water leaks may be caused by dips in the roof surface that trap excess snow or melting ice on the roof mái tôn khung sắt.

When your attic has a temperature that is above freezing it can cause the snow on the roof to melt and run down the sloping roof. As the snow runs down the slope it can refreeze when it hits colder parts of the roof. When this cycle repeats over a few days it forms a dam of ice that traps water behind it. This pond of water can cause damage to the shingles. Damage to the shingles on the roof can also be caused from ice buildup. Routinely removing snow from your roof can cause shingle damage as well.

Snow that builds up on a roof has to go somewhere and due to gravity that only place it can go is down. When warmer temperatures follow snow fall, the water melts and slides off the roof like an avalanche. This can cause damage to the rain gutters as well as to the shingles and other roofing materials. Without properly functioning gutters the run-off water can cause structural damage to the home and can cause flooding when water enters through cracks or windows near the foundation.

Snow is a beautiful sight when it covers the earth. But the snow fall can cause damage to the house you love and may ruin your roof. The good news is that roofing professionals in Salem, NH and other parts of the continent know how to help you fix the damage. Knowing what damage can be done from snow sitting on the roof will help you know what to look for and when to get help.