f you have ever visited Cyprus you may know the enchanting beauty it has to offer, the sand the sea and the mountains make a perfect paradise and a taste of it is always tempting. If you are considering purchase of a property in Cyprus, you have to understand a few things if you don’t want to loose a lot of money. First of all it’s 泰國房地產 essential that you understand as a foreign national that Cyprus law prohibits purchase of land greater than 1600 square yards by foreign nationals. Apart from this you also have to know the property papers well. If you are tempted to go for the cheap property listed, check out on its title documents. If it’s a Greek Cypriot pre-1974 deed, Consider otherwise. In any case make sure that you have your solicitor do the paper works well.

Property in Barbados

If you are looking for a luxury, Barbados is the place. Luxury holidays, Luxury food, Casinos and everything you can think of for a great holiday. Think of a property in Barbados, it could be expensive but is one good worth investment. The warm weather brings in tourists from time to time with a record rate of 40% returns. If you have an interest for cricket as a sport then this is a great place to make an investment. A retirement home or for a great holiday, Barbados is a great place to invest the coming year

Property in Thailand

From time and time again we have seen trends change. People previously interested in countries like Spain and France is now considering a holiday home in Thailand. Why? The cost of living and the Beautiful scenery and the infamous hospitality of the Thais draw tourists from world wide and its not amazing that a few stay back for good. If you own or operate a company in the Thailand you will be able to buy a property. Other options would include a 30 year lease of a property with 30 year additional extension. You may also buy property in the name of a Thai wife/husband. Thailand property rules are quite tricky and its very much advisable if you can get a solicitor to advance the proceedings.