Are you looking for the right partner for your global manufacturing needs? For years Asian American sourcing has been at the heart of the American manufacturer movement. For decades AASA was the largest provider of factory assistance in the United States. Now AASA has evolved into a more global organization with over 50 offices and thousands of members globally. Let’s look at how we are continuing to help American manufacturers set up shop abroad.

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“Asian American sourcing agents aka AASA Partners today is a successful sourcing partner and trading partner for India and Vietnam manufacturing in metal, wood and a broad assortment of other offshore resources. Under one roof AASA provides everything you need to get your product in the market.” – Ken Moore, president of AASA. With over 40 years experience sourcing, manufacturing and trading, Ken has seen it all and done it all. From sourcing to wholesaling to retailing, from design to engineering to packaging – Ken is your go-to guru for anything you ever want to know about Asian manufacturing. No matter what it is – from automobiles to watches to machinery to medical devices – Ken is the perfect expert India Automotive Factories.

To be an ASE (Asia Pacific Region) member is to be part of a growing global community. India is becoming a vital center of excellence for the manufacturing, development and outsourcing of all kinds of goods. Since India is a rapidly-growing economy with a huge potential for growth – and since it has many of the world’s best industrial zones – it is not surprising that many foreign companies are choosing to make their investments here. Not only do auto-electronics and other industrial products directly benefit India’s economy, they indirectly help India’s people as well, through employment and higher pay rates.

Finding the right business partner in India is the first step to making a profit in the metal industries of India. India’s government is constantly busy dealing with foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country. So it’s easier than you think to locate an India sourcing company. The Internet is filled with websites of India’s automotive factories and other manufacturers of industrial equipment and parts. You can also find detailed information on India’s industrial revolution at CIVIL RESEARCH.

The primary advantage of sourcing from India is the low cost of labor in the domestic market. Even for the smallest of operations – a car-assembly workshop for example – the cost of labor in India is much lower than in China or even in Malaysia. Because there are so many automobile factories scattered across the country, each one is able to purchase and re-sell components at a wholesale price that is below the cost of production in India. For example, instead of paying thousands of dollars for a standardized light bulb, a skilled Indian labor saving factory might pay just 100 in hard currency for that same quality light bulb.

Another advantage of India’s automotive factories is that they are very competitive in the global markets. Many countries worry about being too global or about not being a ‘real’ country. India is different because the country is able to draw on its large population for a variety of purposes, including high-tech research and development in the realm of automobiles. Since India is a developing country, it benefits when neighboring countries like Malaysia or China become more advanced. Also, India manufactures a wide range of sophisticated vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks, which enables it to use that technology as well. China and Malaysia do not have that luxury.

Many of the auto-industry players in India have also started using low-cost labor in their manufacturing process, something that makes them attractive to foreign investors. Many foreign companies prefer to invest in India because of these factors, as India has become a much more desirable place to do business. India’s favorable location, its ability to attract a variety of investors, and the large amount of inexpensive labor force all contribute to making India a much more attractive option for foreign investments. Now, more than ever, we need low-cost manufacturing centers in India. Whether you are thinking about General Motors or Toyota, Mercedes Benz or Ford, Toyota or Nissan, more automobile companies from around the world want to tap into India’s massive pool of cheap labor and highly skilled workers.

So, if you are thinking about investing in India, whether for OEMs or for your own company’s products, now is definitely the right time. The last decade has been a global trend of falling prices for many products, and India has benefited greatly from that. So, if you are looking to expand your business, or just think of bringing in new business, you will find India’s low-cost advantage all too useful to you. You will be able to leverage India’s vast pool of cheap labor, its low-cost production process and its ability to deliver products when you need them most – all while being a low-cost trading partner – thanks to better India Automotive Factories.