Kit homes can be your perfect solution to building energy efficient homes. Because so much of the energy saving components come in the design phase you can look and compare methods and alternatives that will suit your family best.

There is also the added advantage of having design experts on hand to consult with and discuss energy efficient features. Kit homes also give you the advantage of being able to see energy efficiency in progress or talk to others about their experiences building energy savers into a home design.

Main Energy Saving Factors of Home Design

Here are many of the concepts you can think about and that will be already in place in many kit home designs:

Placement – which way the house faces can maximize the sun for winter and keep it cooler in summer.

Glazing on windows and glass doors – don’t’ go ahead and heavily glaze every window or glass door. Keep the most glazing for those which might get the heaviest sun in the summer and minimum or no glazing on those which might let in the winter sun.

Use Awnings, pergola’s with deciduous vines, or deciduous trees to break up the summer sun through windows. Leaves will fall during winter to let in the sun. Awnings can be retracted.

Discuss concrete slab design to store heat in winter and repel during summer

Use a dark tile in living areas to attract and retain heat

Plant thick evergreen trees and shrubs where you might need protection from direct summer sun and biting winter winds

Carport placement can be used to block sun and create cooler air currents

Keep your front door protected from cold and strong southerly and westerly winds in winter

Use the maximum advantage insulation and metal roofing with reflective lining

What Are The Main Things To Focus On?

Energy efficient design will focus on 3 main concepts:


Use large windows positioned to capture maximum winter sunlight

Protect them from heat loss where needed

Use them to capture morning sunlight and design eaves to stop overheating in the afternoon sun

Use windows also to let in natural light and therefore use power lights less


The more mass you have the more warmth can steel bite pro be absorbed and stored for later when the sun goes down


This works in two ways. It stores the heat you let into the home, and also acts to keep the cool air in during summer. Be sure to close curtains and windows during a hot summer to keep the inside temperature protected by the insulation. For winter do the same to keep the heat in once the sun has done its job and the heat is inside your home.

Other Ways To Build Energy Conservation Into Your Home

Install solar panels and/or windmills to take advantage of natures natural power generating sources

Use skylights to maximize lighting

Plan lighting carefully. Have well placed downlights for reading, workspace, and kitchen bench area for good focused light where you need it instead of constantly burning one central light.

Choose energy efficient major appliances

Expert Advice On Hand

Any good kit home manufacturer will have expert advice on hand for you questions and a lot of these energy saving components built into their designs.

Despite the fact that some things may have a cost attached, government rebates help on insulation and solar panels, and all energy saving efforts will continue to save you money as time goes on.

Kit home designs help you to calculate your budget more efficiently so you know what each stage will cost you, and how the energy efficiency actually works.

It’s important to build energy efficient homes and it just makes sense to use a kit home design which you can customize and all the energy efficient hard work has been done for you.