Sour cherries owe all of their latest popularity and allure to what researchers have found to be sour cherry health benefits. Let’s face it; unlike sweet cherries which are great to the taste, this fruit are very difficult to enjoy as is. You would have to have a really strong affinity for sourness in order to enjoy this fruit as a snack.

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However, the benefits that come with this fruit make it all worth it. Sour cherries sell off the grocer’s shelf like hot pancakes and are finding clever and innovative uses in countless kitchens around the world. Add to this the fact that many companies have resorted to making all sorts of cherry-based health products like cherry concentrate, cherry pills, and cherry juice and there is no denying that this little fruit will continue to be a highly sought after commodity trái cherry.

So, if you are a health conscience individual, it bears taking time to know more about the many sour cherry health benefits. This way you know exactly what you are getting every time you consume a cherry-based product. Here is some great information about the nutrition content and what these fruits can actually do for you health wise.

· High concentrations of vitamins and minerals – This is often a worn-out cliché with many fruits and vegetables but cherries actually have a lot to boast about in this department. Many nutritionists consider them as the ultimate super food, packing a lot of vitamins and minerals which lead to many healthy benefits. The vitamin C content is excellent for boosting immunity and protecting your body from common colds and cough. During the flu season, you can never go wrong with sour cherries. The same goes for the calcium and magnesium content which is great for boosting bone health.

· Cherries are rich in antioxidants – In the world of nutrition, there is almost nothing that antioxidants cannot do. The anthocyanins and bioflavonoids in this amazing fruit have been known to improve symptoms of arthritis and gout sufferers. These substances act as anti-inflammatory agents that reduce the swelling in arthritis thereby reducing the frequency of arthritis attacks and the severity of the pain.

· Antioxidants are also particularly useful for lowering the risk towards certain cancers as well as heart ailments. Regular consumption of cherries or cherry products can also promote healthier blood flow which in turn addresses blood pressure problems.

· Cherries have a particularly low calorie content – You can snack on this small fruit as much as you want without risking weight gain. A 150-gram serving only carries about 45 calories, about half of what you can find in a medium-sized banana, and this makes it a truly great food for weight loss enthusiasts.

Sour cherry health benefits abound in every serving of sour cherries. Whether eaten fresh or as part of your favorite dessert, you can be confident that your health and wellness comes first with every serving of sour cherries that you consume.

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