Nothing can ruin a fun and care-free afternoon at the park or playground like an unexpected and preventable injury. The safety of children should be the top priority for the companies that design and manufacture playground equipment and recreational areas.

Sadly, this is not always the case. Studies have found that over 200,000 children are taken to emergency rooms in the United States every year because of playground injuries. In many of these cases, the injuries could have been avoided through increased adult supervision or safer playground design.

Below are some simple things that parents should keep in mind to ensure the safety of their children.

Playground Design

One of the most important factors in playground design safety is not the design of the equipment itself, but the surface on 안전놀이터 which the equipment is located. In the process of playing and running around, it is very likely that most children will fall down at some point.

Because of this, it is critical that the surface provided is soft and cushioning. Hard materials like concrete, grass, or packed earth are not safe for children because they do not provide any cushion in the event of a fall.

Parents should check that a playground is surfaced with soft and forgiving material such as

· Sand

· Mulch

· Shredded rubber

· Pea gravel

· Rubber-like materials

Additionally, playground surfaces should not be tightly packed or they will lose their cushioning properties. Finally, there should be approximately 12 inches of surface material for every 8 feet (height) of playground equipment.

Adult Supervision

Many playground injuries can be prevented with an adequate amount of adult supervision. Since children are often unaware of the dangers of reckless and aggressive behavior, it is critical that there are always adults present at a playground to monitor and control children’s playing.

When inspecting a playground site for safety, you should make sure that there is an area where parents can observe children playing and that all parts of the playground are visible.

Additionally, parents should pay attention to the behavior of the children present on the playground. Many families will visit the same playground over and over, and so monitoring the behavior of children at the playground can help you determine how safe or unsafe it might be for your child to play with these other kids.