In the course of recent years I have had the special occasion to talk straightforwardly with a considerable lot of the experts and teachers who utilize Overhead Projectors as an essential piece of their calling. The tales they have imparted to me have given me direct knowledge to the absolute most normal issues experienced by proprietors of the present and the previous Overhead Projectors. 

I might want to impart this extraordinary gathering of data to a progression of articles got straightforwardly from the absolute most regular inquiries and grumblings that I get from my customers in the Audio Visual Industry. Visit About :-  Galaxy Projector

The principal thing that rings a bell is the inquiry that I am posed to consistently; “My Overhead Projector continues blowing lights, what could be the issue?” 

The greater part of the present Overhead Projectors use projection lights that require 82 volts to work. Since the AC source that you plug your Overhead Projector into is 120 volts, an uncommon electronic segment is needed to make the 82 volts expected to work the projection light. This electronic part is known as a diode (rectifier). 

At the point when the diode (rectifier) of your Overhead Projector gets inadequate, it permits the line voltage of 120 volts to go straightforwardly to the 82 volt light. This extra voltage is a lot for the projection light to deal with, when the client turns the overhead projector on, the projection light will wear out very quickly because of this unreasonable voltage. Now and again the end client will put a few new lights into the Overhead Projector before they understand that the issue is definitely not a blemished projection light. 

On the off chance that you have an essential information on Electronics or fundamental wiring the diode is something that most end clients can supplant themselves, in any case this issue should be taken care of by an expert help specialist.